About me

Hello~ My Name is Michelle Wagner and I am "The Saratoga Spiritualist." I am a Empath Psychic/Medium. My Gifts allow me to Read Aura's & Chakra's , Clairvoyance in More than 1 form, Psychic which includes Past, Present, & Future, and finally Mediumship that allows me to connect to your Passed loved ones, Friends and also beloved Pets. These Gifts allow me to give you Guidance and also sometime some closure or contact from the other side. 

I Inherited some of my Gifts from my Italian Grandmother Ann. She was a devoted Roman Catholic and also practiced Strega from her family Heritage. I also want to mention my father Timothy Duell who has a gift of his own. His love for nature. Which has help to keep me grounded.

These Gifts Came to me at a very young age of 5 years old. It was very confusing & scary time and has taken me 41 years to get me to where i am today. This is why i call myself a "Spiritualist". After my Grandmother passed who was not only 1 of my Best Friends but my mentor as well. I was heartbroken but i knew in my heart i would hear from her in time.....

I still felt as if i needed to learn more and fine tune these abilities before i felt i could share them with the world. I ended up meeting a very special lady who guided me through the next few years . I can say today this lady and the encouragement of my family truly changed my life . This is when it happened...This is what my heart was finally telling me to do !!  For the 1st time said out loud " I am a Psychic/Medium." 

I was told EVERYTHING , happens for a reason and someday i would be made to put a price tag on what i felt my Gifts were worth. This still rings true today , as i continue to do what i love & that is touching peoples everyday peoples lives with my Gifts. If your asking yourself why am i reading this information, I encourage you to trust your instincts that you were guided to me for a reason. PLEASE , allow me to help you understand what that reason may be . 

Sincerely : Michelle Ann (Duell) Wagner

Psychic/Medium "The Saratoga Spiritualist" Reiki Master Healer